The North Face
When agency partner Farinella invited us to collaborate on a print communications piece for The North Face we jumped at the opportunity.

The North Face brand is organized around four markets: Urban Exploration (every day people), Mountain Culture (camping culture), Mountain Sports (skiing, hiking), and Mountain Athletics (performance gear used to train to get on the mountain).

“This sales force print piece is a WOW!”

Robin Bell, Retail Operations Coordinator | The North Face
Content by Farinella. Design by Barretto-Co. Timeline: 3 days.


  • Naming
  • Content (
  • Visual Design
  • Production
  • Print Management

Designing one-off print projects is generally not a good fit for our business model, however we’ll make exceptions for exceptional brands like The North Face.

With three days to write, design and get files to print, Barretto-Co. supported Farinella with visual design services in order to deliver materials to the TNF flagship store in San Francisco—phew… cliffhanger.

The client was fixed on using a logo done by an internal team member despite our best efforts to dissuade them—the logo did not meet our standards of design rigor or attention to detail—given the timeline, we had to pick our battles.

The “awe factor” of the brand photography inspired us to pair clean, modern typography with ample white space so as not to compete with the power of the imagery.

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