Discover World
Discover World has an ambitious goal, to be the online destination consumers think of when they think of travel.

Wherever travelers are in their process—from dreaming and browsing, to research and planning; from seeking in-country information to post-travel documentation and sharing—Discover World does it all from the palm of your hand.

“Steve helped me launch my first company Zenfolio—which was acquired by—so when it was time to create the company image for my new venture it was a no-brainer. Barretto-Co. creates smart, beautiful, lasting brands that transcend design trends and scale with a business.”

Alex Peyzner, Founder & CEO | Discover World
Discover World is a global intelligence portal for all things travel.


  • Brand Identity
  • Content Strategy
  • Information Architecture
  • User Experience
  • Web Application Design
  • Production

Discover World founders believe that traveling can be made more enjoyable, efficient, affordable, and safe, whether you are road tripping to the town next door, or roaming for months in distant lands. Their goal is to create the go-to platform for leisure travel using smart technology and visual design expertise to combine destination knowledge with travel experiences.

Our objective was to create and design the best user experience to support the founder’s beliefs. Catering to tech savvy 25-45 year-olds who enjoy obsessing over details—Discover World offers a complete platform of travel information, related services, planning, and social sharing.

Differentiated, modern and user-friendly design were the criteria established at the outset. Partnering with the founders, Barretto-Co. stewarded the information architecture, user experience flows, and visual design.

Our input resulted in the development of an interactive map and deep dives into the details of information seeking, gathering, and planning with an acute awareness of the limited amount of real estate to work with on a mobile device. Visit for a live preview.

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