Healthline & Talix Actionable Patient Insight
B2B: Talix provides advanced search and data analytics solutions that help healthcare enterprises drive better patient outcomes and lower costs. Consumer: Healthline’s mission is to be a consumer’s most trusted ally in their pursuit of health and well-being.

Healthline and Talix are leading the charge to “unlock the power of unstructured data.”

“Steve has created brand identities for both of my dynamic businesses—Healthline and Talix. If you want results that establish your brand at the forefront of your market, hire Barretto-Co.”

Dean Stevens, CEO  |  Healthline & Talix
Healthline and Talix help make people healthier through the power of information.


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Talix’s proprietary health taxonomy platform enables the world’s largest health brands to build applications that address their most pressing business imperatives; improving health information access and outcomes, reaching qualified audiences, and lowering costs. CEO Dean Stevens engaged Barretto-Co. to audit the existing brand, identify where the brand was falling short, and collaborate with the internal team to rebuild the brand story, brand identity, and visual vernacular.

The biggest challenge was a lack of clarity in telling the brand story. The sales staff required an iron-clad solution story to take to market. Talix desired to convey a very clear and direct articulation of what their product does, and how their solution benefits customers.

Our brand immersion began with a workshop to understand the value proposition and the competitive landscape, while also helping define and articulate the Talix advantage. Their semantic health taxonomy platform makes the pinpoint delivery of massive amounts of highly contextual health and wellness information possible. We then reconciled the learnings against the existing brand and the competitive landscape, identifying where opportunities existed.

Our efforts resulted in shortening the company name, creating a new brand identity, putting a stake in the ground with a unique market position, and applying all of the above in our approach to the visual design and user experience of all marketing communications.

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