Jacqueline Seeno Luxe Homes
Imagine yourself there.

At Jacqueline Seeno Homes we don’t just build from blueprints, we create luxe homes designed by our clients’ imaginations.

“Ideally luxury is a mark of distinction, something that is not common or readily seen or typical.”

Jackie Seeno, Principal | Jacqueline Seeno
Luxe Homes


  • Naming
  • Brand Strategy
  • Brand Identity & Toolkit

The top goals established for this brand initiative are: to position Jacqueline M. Seeno Homes as a uniquely different offering underneath the umbrella of
existing Seeno family offerings in the same space; craft the Jackie Seeno Homes story; their reason for existing in the world; and, execute a brand identity representative of Jacqueline’s personal touch.

With Jacqueline’s total engagement, we embarked upon defining the brand personality—her personality—using brand archetypes.

With the opportunities to differentiate and archetypes identified (the creator, the magician, and the explorer), we jumped straight into creative development.

A deep exploration of pattern incorporating a motif from Jackie’s Sicilian culture was conducted. We studied color as rigorously. The two elements of pattern and color are key components of the brand visual system.

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