Greenlining Institute
Greenlining is the solution to redlining—defined as the explicit and systematic practice of excluding communities of color from economic opportunities.

The Greenlining Institute advances economic opportunity and empowerment for people of color through advocacy, community and coalition building, research, and leadership development.

“Barretto-Co. has successfully elevated Greenlining’s brand gravitas as we move forward with our mission into the future.”

Braelan Murray, Communications Director | Greenlining
Building a nation where communities of color thrive and race is never a barrier to opportunity.


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Formerly (and ironically) a dilapidated bank office in downtown Oakland, Greenlining set out to reclaim and revitalize their new home as a flourishing, energy-efficient nonprofit center built with local, minority-owned businesses. Greenlining engaged Barretto-Co. to design the visitor experience.

The Greenlining Institute has a legacy of potent social justice work of national repute—and a mission that our agency embraces completely, bringing positive change to future generations.

The Greenlining logo has brand awareness equity—so our challenge was to reinvent the secondary graphic language supporting the master brand. With refined and stoic typography and the use of dynamic color palettes, we invigorated the brand with energy and hope.

Pioneering labor leader and civil rights activist Dolores Huerta receives the 2018 Lifetime Achievement Award

The Greenlining Economic Summit graphic language incorporates a new spectrum of color

While building electrification has promising benefits for residents and for the state, it must be pursued equitably—ensuring that environmental and social justice communities can benefit, rather than being left with polluting and increasingly expensive gas appliances.

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