e.l.f. Cosmetics
e.l.f. gives you the freedom to experiment and have fun with luxurious beauty. Our beauty point-of-view—”e.l.f. beauty”—is polished & playful. Our character is beautiful inside and out—confident, candid and spirited.

e.l.f Cosmetics was founded in 2004 as a value cosmetics eCommerce company. They have since expanded into wholesale retail and owned retail and continue to expand these channels.

“e.l.f. exists to make luxurious beauty more accessible.”

Our Mission | e.l.f. Cosmetics
Every woman is beautiful inside and out and we believe she should have access to the best in beauty.


  • User Experience UX Audit
  • Visual Design Audit
  • Findings Report
  • Improved UX Flows
  • Improved Visual Design
  • Website Guidelines

In 2015, e.l.f embarked on a re-coding of their eCommerce experience which provided an opportunity to greatly improve their user experience—and that’s when we got the call. The objectives were clear: to realize e.l.f.’s vision of becoming the most engaging beauty eCommerce site online; to harmonize content, leverage the recent Play Beautifully campaign, and commerce, with a goal of lifting traffic, conversion, and engagement.

e.l.f Brand Assets
Barretto-Co.s solution proposed inspiring visitors with luscious products and a depth of product offering. Given the brand’s value position and the chattiness of the space, we leveraged the sharing of product tips and tricks throughout the user experience while sprinkling a tonality of fun throughout.

All the rigor applied to the new user experience was supported with the same attention to detail with regards to typography and color, using accent colors to feature important information sparingly, allowing the campaign and product imagery to do the heavy lifting.

Whether it’s popping into a shop to check out the latest products, helping a friend create the perfect winged eyeliner, or getting together with a group of girlfriends before heading out on the town, putting on makeup is more than just getting ready. It’s laughing with friends, trying new looks, feeling beautiful, confident and playful. For all of these reasons, e.l.f. is the brand that invites women to play beautifully.

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