Au Bon Repas
Au Bon Repas is an independent collection of San Francisco restaurants in and around Claude Lane delivering memorable dining experiences.

Independent and entrepreneurial in spirit, Au Bon Repas offers consulting services to restaurants and other hospitality businesses in concept development, design, operations, marketing and full-service management.

“I was first introduced to Steve when I created Gitane, since then he has been the only creative I can trust to listen and execute upon our vision for new dining experiences.”

Franck LeClerc, Restauranteur | Au Bon Repas
We believe that a good meal goes far beyond the food on the plate, it encompasses the entire dining experience


  • Naming Consulting
  • Brand Identities
  • Environments
  • Email Marketing
  • Websites
  • Print Materials

When Franck LeClerc set out to create what is arguably the most romatic restaurant in downtown SF, he teamed up with interior design guru Charles Doell and graphic designer Steve Barretto. Franck’s heightened sense of design paired with his passion for fine dining is full frontal within the walls of Gitane (meaning Gypsy).

Barretto-Co. had a blank canvas, inspired by Charles’ renderings, textures, and fixtures we connected the visual vernacular to the sense of place via the use of pattern, typography, graphics and color. An ornate floral pattern was hand-painted as the facade and is echoed in the neon signage and print material. Table tops were stained with borders inspired by the menu graphics.

Barretto-Co. partnered with Mr. LeClerc on his next three design initiatives (Café Claude Marina & Downtown; Gaspar Brasserie; and LeDrugstore) and together are currently collaborating on a fourth.

Each property has a concept which we help bring to life—from the design of large exterior signage, to the details of staff uniforms and design motifs on serving plates.

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