Citrine Advisors
Citrine Advisors is a boutique commercial real estate firm that both consults and invests alongside its clients in select urban markets on the West Coast.

Citrine’s commitment to communities goes beyond real estate—investing in people and ideas that allow urban environments to flourish, never losing sight of what gives each unique city their soul.

“I have a passion for design and making experiences beautiful and memorable. Barretto-Co. was the perfect fit for my business needs.”

Jerry Smith, Co-Founder & President | Citrine Advisors
Investments & Advisory


  • Brand Identity
  • Website
  • Marketing Tools

Our client’s initial assignment was to “build a new website”, which is often the case before we sit down with them. Upon a review of the competitive brand landscape, it became obvious that the strategy and revised scope of work must include redefining the brand, a new brand identity, a website, and all supporting marketing tools.

New Brand Visual Language
We’re passionate about “fitting” our clients with design solutions that they love.

With an open-minded client placing trust in our ideas and recommendations, we were given the green light to stretch our thinking beyond the expected. We captured the DNA of Oakland’s culture with video to engage website visitors. We overhauled the written and visual brand tone. And we provided templated materials to the internal marketing team to continue building the brand upon a strong foundation.

The final website is driven by a WordPress content management system allowing the client to add new development projects as necessary.

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