Alpine Data
The stakeholders at Alpine Data Systems had a shared vision around changing data culture in a crowded industry space.

With a mission to normalize analytics for everyday business users there was opportunity to re-orient the organization around enterprise transformation.

“From design, to development, to photography—I’ve never worked with an agency that takes such a personal stake in the success of a project.”

Sanjna Parulekar, Marketing Manager | Alpine Data
It’s not about better data it’s about ushering in the next era of business.


  • Brand Identity
  • Content Strategy
  • Information Architecture
  • User Experience
  • Web Application Design
  • Production

Alpine Data Systems reached out to Barretto-Co. wanting to “reskin” their website in 12-16 weeks. They wanted to capture the culture of their small team, raise the bar to the highest level of visual design, and have fun in the process—a perfect match. However, with a deeper understanding of their strategic goals the “reskin” request would lead to a complete redefinition of their brand both visually and verbally.

Our approach to solving the client’s problem is rigorous and strategic. With Alpine Data Systems it required client education via brand workshops and qualitative research.

Within two weeks we had demonstrated to the client that if they wanted to achieve their stated goals, we had to revisit the name, design a new brand identity, craft new messaging, and then the website could be addressed—they agreed.

We were able to meet the client’s budget development goals by leveraging a WordPress theme that suited their content needs. Our user experience and visual design solutions aided by the new company narrative exceeded the client’s expectations. So we went a step further and conducted an on-site photoshoot to fully capture the authenticity and DNA of the organization. By week 12 our client was reborn as Alpine Data (we shed “Systems”) with a brand makeover that resonated internally with employees; externally with B2B client prospects; and with full support from the executive team.

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